Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Fall Fashion! Outfit #1 Dressy Casual

Fall is my absolute favorite month of the year. It's also my favorite month when it comes to fashion. I decided that it would be fun to style three different fall outfits! I will sharing three different posts this week with all of the details on each one. Come back later this week to check out the other two!

Click here for Outfit #2: Available Thursday, October 10 at 1:00PM EST
Click here for Outfit #3: Available Friday, October 11 at 1:00PM EST

Target Blazer: I opt for blazers during the fall when I have to go a meeting because they look structured and professional. They instantly dress up a casual outfit and look put together. Target has a fabulous selection of blazers this season, so if you want something fairly inexpensive and cute- check them out.

Target Scarf: I have a slight scarf addition- I admit it. They are just so quick and easy and they spice up an outfit instantly! I chose this scarf because without it, the outfit was a little plain. I felt like the purple and green tied in well with the bag. It also capitalized on the jewel-toned trend for fall.

Old Navy Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Jeans are an essential for the fall. While I wish that I could wear leggings all day every single day, it's not reality. These jeans fit perfectly. I especially love wearing them with boots because they slide perfectly into the boot, without creating any bulk. Quick tip: If you find that your jeans seem even a little long, order the short version! I don't have short legs and the short version can be slightly too short, but since I usually only wear these with boots, the short length is the perfect fit!

JustFab Jade Bag: This bag has quickly become one of my favorites. The jewel-toned color is absolutely perfect to compliment any fall outfit. This bag is so simple that it isn't overpowering. Also, the inside print is the most fabulous thing. Lastly, the size is just the perfect medium size.

JustFab Andy Boots: The perfect cross between edgy and girly, these booties are my most worn shoes this fall. I love that they are a nice cross between motorcycle and girly. They literally go with any outfit. My favorite part is the fact that they are so comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time without getting uncomfortable.

If you haven't tried JustFab yet, I definitely recommend it. I have been subscribed for well over a year. It is my favorite place for boots and bags, especially during the fall and winter.

Sign up here:

How does it work?
-Take a short style quiz. This will help them cater items to your style and preferences.
-Get a personalized boutique. Each month, they will send you a selection of shoes and handbags according to your style.
-Go shopping. You can choose an item from your personalized boutique for $39.95. The best part? FREE SHIPPING.

If you don't like any of the items, you can ask for them to send you new items. Or, you can skip by the 5th of the month and avoid getting charged for the month.

My favorite part is that you can go shopping on the site whenever you want and get anything for the VIP price of $39.95. They always offer free shipping on orders, exchanges, and returns. That's my favorite part because there's no risk.

New members get 50% off of their first order, if they order within 24 hours of signing up. If you sign up and order after that initial 24 hour period, you will still receive 20% off of your first order.

If you have questions at all about my experience with JustFab, let me know!

*The bag in this post was sent for consideration.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Manicure Monday: Tillie Polish I'm a Mermaid and Golden Goddess

Happy Manicure Monday! I decided to start a new series. Every Monday, I will be sharing my manicure with you. I actually used to paint my nails every single day! I would sit down every night, turn on my favorite show, and give myself a manicure. Recently, I have dialed it down to giving myself a manicure once a week- usually on Mondays!

This week, I am wearing two Tillie Polish colors. For those of you that might not know, Tillie Polish is a nail polish line that my sisters and I created in November of last year. Our inspiration behind our brand was to share our passion for trendy colors, long-lasting formula, and toxic-free ingredients with other nail polish lovers! Our polishes are non-toxic, animal cruelty-free, vegan, and 4-free (or made without harmful ingredients).

I'm a Mermaid: This seafoam green color is from our Spring Break collection. It has subtle, silver shimmer that just seems to make it glow. The shimmer is really beautiful underneath the sunlight.

Golden Goddess: This foil-like gold is one of my favorite polishes from our Hot Summer Nights collection. I love to use it as accent nail to glam up any manicure,

While I have been enjoying summery nail polish colors, I can't wait to share our fall line with you! We are debuting "Falling" in August, so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for reading!

Friday, July 19, 2013

POND'S Luminous Finish BB+ Review

As a beauty addict enthusiast, I have tried numerous amounts of BB creams. I tend to receive samples in what seems to be every other subscription box, giving me the opportunity to try many different brands. As much as I wanted to love them, I had come to the unfortunate conclusion that BB creams were not for me. Until now.

As someone who struggles with oily, breakout-prone skin that scars easily, I generally reach for medium to full coverage face products. I love full coverage foundations so much! The way that they can cover my imperfections and still provide me with natural looking coverage always amazes me. You can watch my full coverage foundation routine here.

The only problem is that when it comes to the warmer weather, foundation can tend to feel heavy on your skin. This is when I start to look for a product that can give me comparable coverage, but does not feel as thick as a full coverage foundation might feel.

I found it.

The POND'S Luminous Finish BB+ is unlike any other BB cream that I have ever tried. It's BETTER. Let me share four reasons why this is my new favorite face product.

1. Medium coverage: This product provides amazing coverage for the skin. It is lightweight, as a BB cream should be, but it covers like a foundation should. It is perfect for everyday use when you might want to conceal your imperfections, but skip on the foundation.

2. Matte finish: Streaky, oily, shiny- these were all words that I associated with BB creams before trying this one. Luminous, matte, smooth- these are the words that I associate with POND's BB+. The texture of this product is like whipped silk. It comes out of the bottle so smoothly and glides onto the skin like perfection. It has a soft, matte finish with a slight, luminous glow.

3. Tone Perfecting Complex: This BB+ actually improves the look of your skin by visibly reducing the appearance of dark spots in two weeks. As someone who struggles with acne scarring, this alone is enough to sell me on this product!

4. SPF 15: This is the perfect base to apply each morning before venturing out into the summer (or winter) sun. The nice thing is that you cannot smell the strong scent of SPF in this product like you can in many other BB creams.

POND'S Luminous Finish BB+ is available starting July 2013 at mass retailers, drugstores and supermarkets nationwide for $9.99.

Stay tuned for a giveaway featuring four of the POND'S Luminous Finish BB+ on my YouTube channel and my Instagram next week!

POND'S is having a contest on their Facebook page for three people to become a POND's BB+ ambassador and appear on Entertainment Tonight! I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a second to VOTE for me on their page. Just click HERE, scroll down to my video, and click VOTE!

If you want to check out my video review, I will like the video below.

Thank you so much for reading!
*These products were provided by POND'S and Influenster for consideration.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Target Haul!

I posted this picture last week on my Instagram. I took a little late night shopping trip to Target for a daily planner and came out with a few more things. Is it possible to go into Target and only come out with what you originally wanted? I would strongly argue that it is impossible. I thought that I would go into a little bit more detail on each item and tell you about my finds.

1. Merona Hinge Clutch in Coffee Ostrich: Finding a wallet that is big enough to fit your phone and that doubles as a clutch is no easy task. When I first stumbled across this wallet, I wasn't sure if I loved or hated the texture. Ultimately, I decided that the design of the actual wallet and the color was enough to tip the scales in favor of buying it.

2. Sharpie in Neon Pink: I never really understood the obsession with Sharpies until I started my own business. It was then that I realized there were so many uses for the perfect permanent marker. Seeing the word neon was enough to capture my attention.

3. Blue Sky Planner: I admit it- I have a planner addiction. Last year, I purchased at least half a dozen planners. Just when I think that I found the perfect one, I come across another one I can't resist. I think that this planner might be the only one for me for awhile. This design is absolutely perfect for all of you list makers out there. Each day is its own little to do list!

4. Essie Nail Polish in Blanc: You might have seen my recent post on the white nail polish trend this summer. I decided to try this out on a whim and I don't think that I will be able to take it off of my nails all summer.

5. Notebooks: Can you believe that these were in the $1.00 section? I can never pass up a cute notebook. Slap gold on anything and I have to have it!

6. ELF Liquid Liner in Black: This is the absolute best liquid eyeliner on the market. The best part? It's only $1.00!

If you love hauls, I just posted a recent makeup haul on my YouTube channel! I will link the video below.

Thank you so much for reading!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Essie Blanc: White Nail Polish Trend

When it comes to summer nail polish trends, I've tried it all. Who doesn't love a bright neon manicure? Orange and red? I own dozens. I've even sported flirty, floral nails.

While browsing Instagram recently, I realized that there was one summer nail polish trend that I hadn't yet tried- white nails! What screams summer better than bright, white nails? I love how fresh and clean they look. They go absolutely beautifully with any outfit and makeup. Another plus- they can make your skin appear instantly tanned and bronze (except in my case when my skin is as white as the nails)!

Choosing a white nail polish can be difficult. The reason being is that so many white polishes out there are thin and streaky or thick and heavy. You need one that goes on smoothly, but still coats the nail with an opaque formula.

Essie's BlancThis is my absolute favorite white polish. Essie managed to bottle the most perfect pure white and combine it with an opaque formula. Two coats of this creates a gorgeous manicure. Pick it up and give yourself a trendy manicure!

Check out my latest video to see my other nail polish picks for this summer!

Thank you so much for reading!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm Back!

Over the past few months, I have become enamored by blogs. I constantly keep up with my favorite blogs and always search for new ones to follow. As you might know, I film videos and put them on YouTube. Don't get me wrong- I am obsessed with beauty vlogging! I absolutely love sitting down to film and chat with other beauty lovers about different products. There's just something different about blogs that YouTube videos lack. What is that? I can't exactly pinpoint one thing.

I feel like some people are YouTube people and some people are blog people. I know that they overlap occasionally- but I think for the most part, people prefer one over the other. I want to be able to interact with both types of people because I am one of the those people that just love both. This blog will include my YouTube videos, but it will be more than that. I want a place where I can write out my thoughts on any topic that might be on my mind. I also want to be able to share beauty reviews and focus on one product. Finally, I want to be able to share and document more of my personal life.

I did try daily vlogging when I first got married and realized that it wasn't for me. The one thing that I did love was being able to capture pieces of our lives. It's so nice to be able to go back and watch those videos and relive those days and memories. Maybe I will daily vlog again, but for now, I would love to capture those memories and moments through pictures and posts.

My new blog will be a mixture of everything, mainly focusing on beauty and lifestyle. If you are only interested in specific parts, I will have a categories section over to the right- so feel free to click on what you want to see. I am excited to start blogging again!

Thank you so much for reading!
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